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    I would like to thank all the kids and parents for a great year in scouting. This past year was a great learning experience for me. As some of you knew, we are still going through great growing pains. However, I can honestly say this year was a huge success! I would personally like to thank all the people who stepped up for the boys . Remember the Pack will be nothing without the parents.
   I have great hopes for next year! I believe we made quite a few mistakes this past year. I also believe we are learning from these mistakes.
   This next year we NEED more parent involvement. I have found a quick start program on the web which will do almost everything for the den leader as far as planning. All the leader will have to do is show up and follow the instructions. It is so simple that if the leader cannot come to a meeting then any parent can simply step right in without any preparation and take it away!With this program all the scouts who simply show up WILL advance.
   I regret that we did not advance as many boys as we should have and yes some kids fell off the path and we have missed them.
   I would like to see a little more community service this year. If any parents have an idea please bring it forward.
   On a positive note, the committee meetings were unbelievable! Thanks to all of you who showed up. Even council was amazed on how many we had attending.
   Let's make this year even better! After all it is our kids who will reap the benefits of our labor.
       Thank You, 
               Jerry B 

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